Prezzo's Initiative to Train SDD Maintenance Technicians

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Prezzo To Train New Technicians For Maintenance of SDDs
Prezzo has identified an immediate need to train new technicians in the maintenance of Solar Direct Drives (SDDs), throughout Nigeria. This follows the ever-increasing installation of more than 3,000 Solar-powered Vaccine Refrigerators and Walk-In Cold rooms in Nigeria.

Prezzo Shed Investments Limited has been the sole and most reliable merchant of Solar Direct Drives in Nigeria. The company has purchased, shipped, installed and maintained these cold chain equipment in the 36 states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. 

Due to the subsequent installation of Data Loggers, Prezzo, in partnership with B Medicals Systems, Luxembourg, can monitor the real-time state of 3,000 cold-chain equipment in Nigeria. Thereby ensuring the potency of vaccines in Nigeria.